Cindy Norton Stokes

Welcome to The Forest

The Forest is a free community hosted by Cindy Norton Stokes of Mountain Practice Journeys

About The Forest

The Forest is a comfy, cozy place for introverts, highly sensitive people, solopreneurs, mystics, and witches. 

Imagine journeying into a beautiful, serene forest with other kindred souls who are kind, supportive, and really get you. There's a large hearth in the middle of the forest that boasts a warm fire and comfy seating. 

Gather around the hearth as we support one another to trust ourselves more, tune into our intuition, break away from harmful societal conditioning, make time for more rest and joy in our lives, connect with nature, and truly know that everything we need is already inside of us. 

Cindy, your host and forest guide, enjoys journeying into the depths of astrology, human design, tarot, the enneagram, feng shui, divination, ritual, mysticism, nature, the moon, witchcraft, and seasonal wisdom.

Let's learn, experiment, and play together as we navigate our way through this thing called life.